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Press Releases


Xunison selects ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home to unify multimedia and smart home services

Oberhausen, Germany and Dublin, Ireland, 15 October 2019 – ACCESS CO., LTD and Xunison today announced the cooperation on a solution based on the ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home Platform and Xunison X-Brain smart device. The combined Smart Home solution will seamlessly integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) and multimedia worlds. The partnership will provide a unified solution that makes it easier for consumers to access and control household devices, including multimedia services, surveillance cameras and energy management devices, from a single mobile application.

A graph demonstrating how ACCESS Twine for Smart home and Xunison X-Brain smart device are integrated
A graph demonstrating how ACCESS Twine for Smart home and Xunison X-Brain smart device are integrated

The partnership provides Xunison with the ability to offer a complete solution to manage a variety of consumer use cases that occur in and out of the home. Combined with ACCESS’ Remote Access technology, the solution will enable end users to experience and manage their smart homes remotely, and to secure them by facial and voice recognition. Additionally, the parental control and rights management engine applied to the integrated Live TV, movie portfolio, TV shows and personal content sources enables the creation of personalized access to multimedia content and smart home devices.

“Consumers have a number of media and entertainment and smart home services available at their fingertips, but instead of making their lives easier they have to flit between numerous applications which is both time consuming and confusing,” said Dr. Neale Foster, CEO at ACCESS Europe, “The integration of ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home with Xunison’s X-brain smart devices is a powerful and secure solution which solves this growing market challenge by merging the multimedia and IoT silos into a single offering.”

“The partnership with ACCESS gives us the opportunity to extend the reach of our X-Brain smart device to completely new use cases to unite the multimedia and IoT worlds with strong cyber-security concepts. The combined product is the missing piece of the true smart and secure home”, said Ryan O’Donovan, CEO at Xunison Ltd.

Note to editors: for more information or to arrange a briefing with an ACCESS spokesperson please contact Platform Communications:, or +44 (0) 207 486 4900.

Since 1984, ACCESS CO., LTD. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index, 4813) has provided advanced IT solutions centered around mobile and network software technologies to telecom carriers, consumer electronics manufacturers, broadcasting and publishing companies, the automotive industry and energy infrastructure providers around the world. The company develops mobile software solutions that have been installed on over 1.5 billion devices, and network software solutions that have been used by over 300 telecommunication equipment manufacturers. Utilizing its network virtualization technology skills and knowledge, the company is currently focusing on the development and commercialization of Internet of Things (IoT) and media solutions that combine embedded and cloud technology. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company operates subsidiaries and affiliates in Asia, Europe and the United States to support and expand its business globally. Learn more about ACCESS at

About Xunison
Xunison is a vibrant innovative company brimming with creative ideas that flow from us through the fast and ever-changing world of technology, setting ourselves apart by aiming to be premier at our craft among the new and admired leaders of this sector.
Xunison has independently designed and developed a highly integrated All-in-One smart home HUB called the X-Brain, an intelligent product incorporating a high-performance Router with Cyber Security, Smart Home, Parental Controls, Energy Management and an Entertainment platform. The X-Brain has a sophisticated diagnostic back end, capable of being accessed remotely, taking massive cost out of the necessary support systems required for this rapidly growing market.
Xunison, is headquartered in Dublin and develops its own hardware and software, employing over 40 Engineers based in Ireland, Georgia, India and China.

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