Automotive Services Platform
for Connected Car Infotainment

ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) is a white label in-car app store and content solution for next level in-vehicle-infotainment.

It enables automotive OEMs and Tier-1s to provide entertainment services including video, audio, live TV and games on the car head unit (HU), rear seat entertainment devices (RSE) and bring your own device (BYOD). Twine4Car is a flexible solution that will work on any and across OS including Android, Linux and QNX-based systems.

Twine4Car bridges the gap between the automotive and the content industries by enabling an extensive content portfolio for global use and helps provide a great user experience for drivers and passengers.

2 Key Characteristics

01 Enabling automotive OEMs to provide branded entertainment services

Twine4Car allows OEMs to start with the services they wish to deploy today and add new services over time as the industry moves towards the various levels of autonomous driving.

02 Creating successful multi-device in-car platforms

Twine4Car connects the in-car infotainment system components seamlessly with BYOD devices via the in-car Wi-Fi network. It provides a decentralized control of content that enables a multi-device user experience far beyond common single device streaming applications or screen mirroring technologies. A key value is that ACCESS Twine™ for Car fully supports the OEM’s brand experience across all devices.

Feature Highlights & Advantages

Content Hub
Connected car is the next
entertainment screen
App Store
Flexible app platform
for an evolving market
Car entertainment,
TV streaming and audio

Providing a global portfolio of content and a wide range of apps


ACCESS provides global portfolio of content including:

  • Web-Radio
  • Music streaming
  • Podcasts


  • LiveTV
  • Catch-up TV
  • VoD
  • Apps

TV channels can be offered via OTT streaming, with options to access via an integrated electronic program guide (EPG) or via an “app” style approach depending on the automotive OEM’s preference.

Video entertainment choice can be extended further by adding access to on-demand content such as video-on-demand services (“VOD”) and broadcasters’ catch-up TV content. Twine4Car supports HTML5 and therefore is ideal for accessing online video portals. On-demand streamed audio services, such as music services and podcasts, can be added to provide drivers with the widest range of audio options.

Twine4Car for Car supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) within the car’s built-in devices and brought-in devices for secure playback.

Twine4Car apps


App Store

Twine4Car can enable a wide range of applications:

  • location aware services for local information and retailer offers
  • weather services
  • payment services, e.g. for parking and fuel
  • convenience apps, e.g. fast food or coffee purchases
  • flight information and tracking
  • stock market information and updates
  • in-car games

State of the art and ready for the future

User Experience

Twine4Car provides automotive OEMs with new options to stretch their digital brand engagement and move beyond driver focused audio-only services. ACCESS will help to shape an in-car experience designed to make the lives of drivers and passengers simpler and more fulfilling.
By offering a next level media-fuelled in-car experience that is tailored to each user, journey and time of day, there are new opportunities to increase engagement and foster brand loyalty.
By developing user-centric, advanced media capabilities to the car, ACCESS and the OEM will continue create the automotive UX of the future. With Twine4Car every passenger can experience different content, providing an aggregated, yet personal, journey experience.

ACCESS Twine4Car in-vehicle-infotainment


ACCESS Twine4Car includes a portfolio of technology components to enable automotive OEMs to deliver the services they require today and extend to new services in the future.

ACCESS Twine™ for Car features a modular in-vehicle product suite with components for:

  • head unit (Linux and Android)
  • rear-seat entertainment (Linux and Android)
  • smartphones (Android and iOS)
  • tablets (Android and iOS)

Additionally, Twine4Car includes cloud-hosted components for operations and business support services (OSS/BSS) to help automotive OEMs build and refine the entertainment packages that suit their customers, log usage information, register in-car devices, and more.

Key in-car features include:

  • automatic discovery of Twine enabled devices in the in-car Wi-Fi
  • aggregated indexing of content across devices
  • media playback on in-car devices
    • “push” from driver to passengers
    • “pull” from passengers
      • passenger can initiate playback of content
      • passenger can control playback
    • “follow me” functionality
      • content can be paused on one device and continued on another
  • remote control from BYOD devices
  • universal search
    • quickly find content on any device in the vehicle, and even on enabled cloud based content services
  • HMI development framework
  • in-car advertising (VAST / VMAP)
  • Android app support

ACCESS Twine™ for Car overview

Automotive Service Platform

Software components

  • Head Unit
  • RSE / RSI
  • BYOD

Operating systems & platforms

  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • RTOS

Services and applications

  • Location Based
  • Content Based
  • HTML5
  • Android

Cloud components:

  • Management Service
  • Content Service
  • Data Service
  • OSS / BSS integration

White label streaming service:

Automotive focused streaming service

  • Worldwide content availability
  • Tailored content portfolio

Services supported

  • Linear radio
  • Linear TV
  • Music streaming
  • Video-on-demand
  • Catch-up TV services

Connecting media and multiscreen

ACCESS are experts in delivering connected media and multiscreen components, with over 20 years of experience in the automotive and media consumer electronics industries, making us ideally placed to bridge the gap between the media industry and the automotive market. Our knowledge and experience enables OEMs to launch the entertainment services their customers are asking for, maintaining brand engagement by offering a truly multi-device experience compared to mobile device screen sharing solutions. With offices worldwide, we offer global coverage and multi-language support for OEMs and Tier-1s.