Using technologies to connect the real world to the Internet,
we create new value for business.

As we approach the IoT society, our continued effort and commitment to developing outstanding technologies to connect everything over the Internet are about to be fully realized.
ACCESS was the first company in the world to connect a mobile phone to the Internet. We have exceptional Internet expertise and advanced embedding technologies including browser, which are essential to embedding network environments in devices and connecting various platforms to the Internet.
ACCESS continues to develop technologies aimed at helping to create a society where real world platforms and services are connected with the Internet, thereby providing our customers’ businesses with greater value.

Main Solutions

ACCESS’s Strengths in IoT

Total number of devices with connecting technologies : 1.5 billion devices

ACCESS technologies are being used worldwide. Over 1.5 billion devices around the world such as mobile phones, cars, TVs, and game consoles are fitted with ACCESS’s browser technology.

Number of beacons shipped : No.1 in Japan*

BLE beacons are attracting attention as sensor technology for the IoT. ACCESS provides beacon devices, application services, and cloud technologies as an integrated package. We have shipped the largest number of beacon devices in Japan.

World standard

ACCESS is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), where we have contributed to the development of specifications of HTML5. We provide a wide range of solutions that all meet the latest standards for wireless technologies, such as BLE, LoRaWAN, and Wi-SUN.

* Based on ACCESS research on volume of shipment of BLE built-in beacon devices in September 2017.

Examples of IoT Usage

Automobile insurance X Sensor technologies

Automobile insurance X Sensor technologies

Place beacons with acceleration sensors in cars and synchronize them with the driver’s smartphone. In the event of an accident, sensors that have detected the impact will react, enabling the insurance company to quickly make contact. This is a new type of service that uses IoT for insurance.

Smart homes X Web technologies

Smart homes X Web technologies

In addition to TVs and game consoles in the home, all consumer electronics such as air conditioners and refrigerators are connected to a network that controls optimizes energy usage. We provide all the web technologies necessary for the IoT to realize smart meters, smart keys, and security systems.

Robots & Chat technologies

Robots & Chat technologies

Consumers can place a robot with video chat, facial recognition functions, and wireless technology in their homes. Even when they are out, they can use their smartphones to communicate with family members at home through the robot for rich communication that brings a ‘you-are-there’ feeling.

How IoT Works



Sensor devices



Information is collected through
networks from sensors
embedded within platforms

The results of the analysis
are fed back to platforms,
triggering specific operations



Big data is gathered and
analyzed in the cloud