Corporate History

Apr 2022 Listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
Sep 2021 Liquidated ACCESS Works Co., Ltd.
Jul 2020 Established ACCESS AP SINGAPORE Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
Feb 2020 Listed on the First Section of the TSE.
Apr 2019 Acquired share in German-based NetRange MMH GmbH, making it a subsidiary.
Jan 2019 Established ACCESS Taiwan Lab. Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
Aug 2018 Acquired stock in Canada-based Northforge Innovations Inc., making it a subsidiary.
Feb 2017 Supplied capital to Mieruka Bousai Co., Ltd., making it an affiliate.
Sep 2016 Acquired stock in Noa, Inc. (now ACCESS Works Co., Ltd.), making it a subsidiary.
Mar 2016 Relocated head office to 3 Kandaneribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. (Akihabara office)
Jan 2016 Sold off Makuhari office.
Jan 2016 Established ACCESS AP TAIWAN CO., LTD. in Taiwan.
Sep 2015 Announced Lentrance® digital publishing brand for education businesses.
Apr 2015 Announced OcNOS® integrated network OS for white box systems.
Apr 2015 Began offering ACCESS Connect™, an IoT service development platform.
Dec 2014 Acquired partial stock in LittleSoft Corporation, making it an affiliate.
Sep 2014 Began offering CROS™ e-commerce operation support service for the Taiwanese market.
Sep 2014 Began offering NetFront® Browser BE, a Chromium Blink-compatible browser.
Jan 2014 Announced ACCESS™ Beacon Framework, a Beacon solution.
Apr 2012 Established Stratosphere Inc., a joint venture in Japan with Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Jun 2011 Began offering NetFront® Browser NX WebKit-compatible browser.
Apr 2011 Began offering ACCESS™ Digital Publishing Ecosystem (now PUBLUS®) digital publishing platform.
Feb 2011 Total number of devices containing NetFront® series products reaches one billion.
Jan 2011 Established IP Infusion Software India Pvt Ltd. in India.
Oct 2010 Relocated head office to 2-8-8 Sarugaku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Renamed Makuhari R&D Center to Makuhari Office.
Feb 2010 Opened Makuhari R&D Center in Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.
Mar 2006 Acquired stock in US-based IP Infusion Inc., making it a subsidiary.
Feb 2006 Acquired stock in South Korea-based Naraworks, Inc., making it a subsidiary and changing its name to ACCESS SEOUL Co., Ltd.
Feb 2006 Announced ACCESS Linux Platform™ software platform for smartphones.
Nov 2005 Acquired stock in US-based PalmSource, Inc., making it a subsidiary.
Nov 2003 Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
Aug 2002 Established ACCESS China Inc. and ACCESS (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in China.
Jul 2001 Established ACCESS Systems Europe GmbH in Germany.
Feb 2001 Listed on the Mothers of the TSE (code:4813).
Apr 2000 Changed company name to ACCESS Co., Ltd.
Feb 1998 Developed Compact NetFront®, a compact HTML browser for mobile phones (now NetFront® Browser) and deployed it in mobile phones supporting i-mode phones from NTT Mobile Communications Network, Inc. (now NTT DOCOMO, Inc.)
Nov 1996 Reorganized as ACCESS Co., Ltd.
Feb 1996 Developed NetFront® (now NetFront® Browser) internet browsing software and deployed it in internet televisions and dedicated word processors.
Sep 1986 Released original AVE-TCP TCP/IP product.
Feb 1984 ACCESS Limited established.