HTML5 browser SDKs supporting HbbTV 2.01
and UK Freeview Play 2017.
NetFront™ Browser HbbTV Solutions

Chromium Blink and WebKit based browser SDKs for SoC vendors, smart TV platforms, manufacturers and middleware providers.

HbbTV 1.5, HbbTV 2.0.1 and UK Freeview Play 2017

ACCESS enables our customers to quickly and effectively launch devices where HbbTV based solutions are required. NetFront™ Browser Software Development Kits (SDKs) are market-leading, high performance HTML5-capable HbbTV browser solutions that enable SoC vendors, device manufacturers, middleware companies and operators to quickly and affordably provide HbbTV capable devices for standards based connected services.

NetFront™ Browser HbbTV Solutions
German "Das Erste" live HbbTV service presented by NetFront™ Browser.
Copyright HbbTV content: ARD Digital.

Key Characteristics

01 Market-Leading HbbTV Software Solutions

ACCESS provides the most advanced and versatile HTML5 browser portfolio available from any commercial browser vendor. Delivered as embedded Software Development Kits (SDKs) for smart TVs, set-top boxes and other IP-connected devices, ACCESS’ NetFront™ Browser solutions are widely recognized worldwide as one of the leading browsers in the connected TV and game console markets.

As the key module in a complete HbbTV package, the NetFront Browser solutions present and HbbTV applications to consumers. An HbbTV application is an associated collection of documents (typically JavaScript™, CSS and HTML) blended with the content from the broadcast DSM-CC Object Carousel to provide the consumer with the interactive services they now come to expect.

02 Choice of Cromium or Webkit HTML5 engines

ACCESS’ solutions provide a true choice of the Chromium or WebKit HTML5 engines for support of HbbTV standards. Solutions are available for both HbbTV 1.5 and HbbTV 2.0.1. Regional or country specific standards such as Freeview Play 2017 in the UK, which is based on HbbTV 2.0.1 are also supported.

03 Extended support

Extended support for reduced code size and run-time memory footprint, custom media players, JavaScript extensions and enhanced security mean that the NetFront Browser family is the best choice for HbbTV and HTML 5 platforms.


Key Features and Benefits

Core Feature Highlights

  • HbbTV 1.5 and HbbTV 2.0.1
  • UK Freeview Play 2017
  • Optimised integrations with Chromium or WebKit engines
  • Embedded SDKs, ready for middleware integration
  • Hardware acceleration (GPU) support
  • Enhanced by ACCESS technology deployed in over 1.5 billion units
  • JavaScript JIT* for improved performance
  • Browser plugins support
  • jQuery
  • WebGL
  • CORS
  • HTML5 (Audio/Video tags, Canvas, Forms, Web Workers, Web Storage, Application Cache, etc.)
  • CSS3 (Opacity, CSS3 3D Transforms, Animations, Transitions, Media Queries and Selectors, etc.)


HbbTV Specifications

  • HbbTV 1.5 / HbbTV 2.0.1
  • Freeview Play 2017
  • DIAL and Companion screen
  • CE-HTML Profiling Extensions (CEA-2014A) for HbbTV 1.5
  • dvb:// support
JavaScript APIs
  • Video/Broadcast Object
  • Parental Ratings Scheme
  • Configuration and Settings
  • Content Download
  • Debug Print
  • DRM Agent
  • Time-Shift
  • ChannelList/Channel
  • DSM-CC Stream Event Listener
  • Scheduled Recording
  • Application Management
  • DVB-SI EIT Schedule Information for HbbTV
CE-HTML Profiling (HbbTV 1.5)
  • Window/UIContentFrame Scripting Object
  • "keypress" Events
  • CSS3 UI Directional Focus Navigation
  • CSS3 Outline Properties
  • Extensions of Audio/Video Objects
  • Other mandatory Elements from CE-HTML Profiling
  • Access to DSM-CC Contents (integration needed with middleware DSM-CC client)
  • Access to AIT (integration needed with middleware AIT filter)
  • HbbTV Event Peer and Query & Command Peer
  • Multimedia Interface
  • NetFront Browser Porting Peers
  • HbbTV Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

*JavaScript JIT available for selected platforms

Browser Specifications

Markup & Style Sheets
  • HTML5 (Audio/Video tags, Canvas, Web Workers, Web Storage, etc.)
  • CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 (Media Queries, Animations, Transforms, Transitions, etc.)
  • TLS1.2
  • NSS
  • Configurable digital certificates
  • Extended Validation
  • ECMAScript6
Browser SDK Features
  • Embeddable HTML library
  • Configurable dynamic memory usage
  • Cookie- & Cache Management
  • Tabbed browsing support
  • Page history
  • Configurable error pages
Supported CPU architectures
  • Intel, ARM®, MIPS, SH
  • Linux, QNX, Android
Device Classes
  • Connected TVs
  • Set-top Boxes (IP only and hybrid)
  • PVRs / DVRs
  • Automobile Infotainment Systems
  • Other Connected Appliances
Memory Usage
  • Chromium : Code Size: 64MBytes uncompressed, including CEF
  • Chromium : RAM Size: min. 60MBytes, 256MB recomm.
  • WebKit : Code Size: 30-40MBytes uncompressed
  • WebKit: RAM Size: min. 40MBytes, 128MB recomm.
HbbTV Specific Documentation
  • Profiling Support List
  • OIPF Support List
  • Peer API Specification (ALM as an optional section)
  • STB Profile Porting Guide

Module diagram

Module diagram