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ACCESS Twine™ for Car 3.0 enables OEM branded App Stores, synchronised playback and in-car advertising

Deploying Twine4Car enables OEMs to provide branded entertainment experiences and win the key IVI battleground

Las Vegas, USA, 19th December 2019ACCESS Europe GmbH announces that it has launched the newest version of ACCESS Twine™ for Car 3.0 (Twine4Car 3.0) platform, the latest advancement in In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) that combines content and technology to enable automotive OEMs to provide next-generation infotainment services to car drivers and passengers.

Twine4Car 3.0 provides:

  1. Next-generation platform for in-car entertainment and information
  2. Twine4Car 3.0 App Store, leveraging technology deployed in millions of smart TVs worldwide
  3. TV, VOD, audio content and games from a wide range of partners
  4. In-car advertising platform, enabling OEMs to monetise the IVI experience using industry standards and including programmatic support.
  5. Streaming audio and video support via 4G and in-car Wi-Fi
  6. Advanced media sharing between smartphones, tablets and car infotainment system
  7. Synchronised video playback between smartphones and tablets
  8. Extensive data and usage reporting tools
  9. Android and iOS support, enabling a fully integrated OEM branded entertainment experience on smartphones and tablets
  10. Support for native Android applications, enabling premium apps to be started from within the OEM branded environment

ACCESS Twine4Car 3.0

“Twine4Car 3.0 in its newest release is hugely significant for the automotive industry as it enables OEMs to maintain control of IVI and develop next generation connected car experiences. The platform includes content from a number of media partners and a whole array of apps, TV services and VOD offerings for a multitude of markets. By establishing their own branded IVI platform as a central vehicle interface, OEMs are able to build and extend long-term digital relationships with car buyers,” says Dr. Neale Foster, CEO of ACCESS Europe.

Demand for internet-powered services in the car is becoming increasingly influential in car purchasing decisions. According to a Deloitte report, IVI is among the top three car purchasing criteria. This reality, combined with the fact that a new internet-first generation of car buyers is coming through, means it is no surprise that there’s increasing competition in the space. OEMs are vying with internet giants for the attention of car users when it comes to connected infotainment services such as audio streaming, video and maps.

Twine4Car supersedes pure BYOD solutions and enables a fully OEM-branded environment whilst also allowing access to pre-installed apps and the integration of smartphones, tablets and Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) for a fully connected in-car experience.

ACCESS Twine4Car 3.0 enables next generation connected car experiences

This is achieved through the following new connected car features in the Twine4Car 3.0 platform:

TWINE App Store: Incorporating NetRange’s widely deployed app store solution, TWINE App Store is a fully-featured car-specific app store. NetRange was acquired by ACCESS Europe GmbH in early 2019 after establishing itself as a global leader in Smart TV ecosystems. It is now building on its content expertise to enable OEMs to make a wide selection of apps available to drivers within their own branded in-car platform. This ensures OEMs maintain control of the user experience and brand rather than losing the user to a third-party device or platform.

Monetisation and data support: OEMs are able to forge new business models within the car through pre- and post-roll video advertising for RSE. Twine4Car 3.0 supports the latest VAST 4.0 and VMAP standards and real-time ad tracking. It also allows for extensive reporting and tool-based support of anonymised usage data for OEMs and content partners.

Native Android app support: Twine4Car 3.0 allows for the seamless integration of android native applications, creating an immersed user experience via the OEM-branded IVI interface. This enables OEMs to stay in full control of the services and create an ideal UX for both native apps and embedded or API based services.

Sync Play: Twine4Car 3.0 enables synchronised video playback, enabling passengers to enjoy content on the screen in front of them at the same time as other passengers watching the same video.

Parental/Remote Control: Along with content related control from any screen in the vehicle, Twine4Car 3.0 can put parents in charge of the type and length of content consumed by their children: one device to initiate an app on a second device, enabling a front passenger to safely start a game, play music or video on a screen in the rear.

“With technology present in over 1.5 billion consumer electronic devices and tens of millions of cars, ACCESS is perfectly positioned to help the global automotive industry prepare for a connected future. Twine4Car 3.0 provides an exceptionally high end-user experience that provides a vital stepping-stone for OEMs looking to progress users from third-party BYOD to their own IVI services. The platform allows OEMs to engage their users in a new way and build relationships for the long term,” concluded Foster.

ACCESS Europe GmbH will be discussing its Twine4Car 3.0 platform at CES 2020, held in Las Vegas from 7-11 January 2020. Contact ACCESS at to arrange a demonstration.

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