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ACCESS and BYTON Driving In-Vehicle-Infotainment forward at CES 2020

Las Vegas, USA – 6 January 2020ACCESS Europe GmbH announces that it will be driving forward In-Vehicle Infotainment at CES 2020 in a demonstration with Electric Vehicle manufacturer BYTON and ViacomCBS. At CES 2020, the ACCESS solution will be shown on the BYTON CES booth (LVCC North Hall, booth 8500), featuring ViacomCBS content through IVI services on BYTON’s in-car screens.

Earlier in 2019, ViacomCBS and ACCESS announced a partnership to make the media company’s TV brands accessible to vehicle passengers via the ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) system in Germany and are now demonstrating this on the CES BYTON booth featuring the large screen in its production vehicle enabling connectivity and future lifestyle in-car experiences.

ACCESS Byton Viacom demo CES 2020

“We are very excited to extend our partnership with ViacomCBS and be part of the Electric Vehicle leader BYTON’s CES demonstration,” said Kiyo Oishi, President & CEO of ACCESS.

Commenting on the CES BYTON demo, Dr. Neale Foster, CEO, ACCESS Europe GmbH, said: “Through this CES demo, visitors will see how ACCESS enables BYTON to provide passengers in its cars with leading ViacomCBS content. Anyone visiting the BYTON booth at CES cannot help but be excited by the demonstration of content on these large screens in perhaps the most exciting car to be released this year – supported by the Twine4Car  solution.”

“As the world of entertainment continues to evolve, ViacomCBS remains committed to unlocking new opportunities to broaden consumer access to our brands,” says Ray Hopkins, President, U.S. Networks Distribution, ViacomCBS. “We are thrilled to be working with ACCESS and BYTON at CES to demonstrate the future of in-vehicle infotainment which will engage drivers and passengers of all ages like never before through an immersive entertainment experience.”

“Our aim is to make the BYTON M-Byte a seamless part of your digital life and easy access to compelling video content will be integral to that experience,” said Andreas Schaaf, Chief Customer Officer, BYTON. “Visitors to our CES 2020 booth will see how we’re working with ACCESS and ViacomCBS to provide infotainment experiences that can only be fully realized with our groundbreaking BYTON Stage, the industry’s largest in-car display.”

Twine4Car enables automotive manufacturers to provide branded entertainment services on the car’s built-in screens and a passenger’s mobile device (BYOD). Combining a car specific app store with embedded software, Twine4Car spans the gap between the automotive and the content industries and enables the car manufacturer to enhance its brand through building powerful relationships with car owners and passengers.

Features in Twine4Car include:

TWINE App Store: A dedicated in-car app store, to enable OEMs to make a wide selection of apps available to drivers and passengers within their own branded in-car platform.

Monetisation and data support: OEMs are able to forge new business models within the car through pre- and post-roll video advertising for Head Units and Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE).

Native Android app support: Twine4Car allows for the seamless integration of Android native applications, creating an immersive user experience via the OEM-branded IVI interface. This enables OEMs to stay in full control of the services and create an ideal UX for both native apps and embedded or API based services.

Sync Play: Twine4Car enables two devices to synchronise the playback of the same video content, enabling passengers to enjoy content on the screen in front of them at the same time as other passengers.

Parental/Remote Control: Along with content related control from any screen in the vehicle, Twine4Car can put parents in charge of the type and length of content consumed by their children.

BYTON is a global premium electric vehicle manufacturer that is creating the world’s first smart device on wheels. By integrating advanced digital technologies to offer a smart, connected, and comfortable mobility experience, the company is designing an EV that will meet the demands of an increasingly digital lifestyle now and into the future.

The company’s global headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing center are located in Nanjing, China. Its global R&D hub is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and devoted to the development of BYTON’s groundbreaking intelligent car experience, digital ecosystem, advanced connectivity, as well as other cutting-edge technologies. BYTON’s design and concept vehicle center is located in Munich, Germany.

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ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) enables automotive OEMs to provide branded entertainment services on the car’s built-in screens and a passenger’s mobile device (BYOD). Combining both content playback and management software with content and a car-specific app store, Twine4Car spans the gap between the automotive and the content industries and enables the car manufacturer to protect and enhance its brand through building powerful relationships with car owners and passengers.