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ACCESS Debuts New ACCESS Powered Mark

Company also announces Palm OS from ACCESS to be called GarnetOS

SUNNYVALE, Calif., – January 25, 2007 – ACCESS CO., LTD., today debuted the new ACCESS Powered® logo and announced it is renaming Palm OS® to Garnet OS. The new ACCESS Powered  logo replaces the Palm Powered  logo and is now used with products from both ACCESS and PalmSource, Inc. (now known as ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc.).

“ACCESS’ technology and software product portfolio cover a wide array of functions from comprehensive mobile platforms to integrated browser-based suite solutions that deliver state-of-the art full-Internet browsing and related services, to individual applications that support specific device and network functions,” stated Tomihisa Kamada, ACCESS co-founder and CTO. “The new ACCESS Powered logo provides a way to easily identify those mobile phones and other devices that include software from the entire ACCESS product portfolio.”

Last October (2006), ACCESS announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, Inc., had begun the process of changing its name to ACCESS. As part of that process, along with its previously announced agreement with Palm, Inc., to sell PalmSource’s rights in the Palm Trademark Holding Company to Palm, ACCESS is renaming all products that originally had Palm-based names. The first product to be renamed is Palm OS, which is now known as Garnet OS.

“ACCESS and PalmSource continue to move forward as it becomes one fully integrated company,” continued Kamada. “The new ACCESS Powered logo that encompasses ACCESS product offerings, and renaming Palm OS to Garnet OS are two more milestones in our evolution as a leading provider of a range of technologies, solutions, platforms and products specifically designed for the mobile phone and converged device markets.”

The ACCESS Powered Logo
Software products and technologies developed by ACCESS have been deployed in millions of devices throughout the world representing a broad selection of device categories and markets ranging from smartphones to digital televisions to automobile telematics.

The new ACCESS Powered logo identifies this wide range of products available worldwide. ACCESS customers may include the ACCESS Powered logo on their ACCESS compatible devices, either on the hardware itself, or on splash screens. The logo may also be included on customers’ packaging, marketing and sales collateral, tradeshow exhibits and other promotional items. The ACCESS Powered logo enables ACCESS customers to showcase that their devices include leading-edge technology and software from the one of the industry’s leading providers of solutions for mobile phones and other converged mobile devices.

Featuring four spheres emanating from the word ACCESS, the logo is a metaphor for the technologies and products ACCESS generates, incubates and releases to the world. The dynamic arc crowning the logo with the “Powered” element forming the foundation symbolizes the power contained within the product. Together these elements represent the technologies, products and industries ACCESS empowers. The overall design represents the ability for innovation that we are providing our customers as they develop their products.

Garnet OS
Garnet OS (formerly Palm OS®) supports a broad range of screen resolutions and expanded support for wireless connections including Bluetooth. It also includes enhanced multimedia capabilities, a suite of robust security options, and support for a broad set of languages. Garnet OS also offers flexibility for licensees to customize the software to build devices for different market segments such as phone, multimedia, educational or enterprise.

Garnet OS is delivered to licensees as part of the Product Development Kit (PDK). A Software Development Kit (SDK), that allows third party developers to create applications or test their compatibility with Garnet OS, is also available on the ACCESS Developer Network website:

ACCESS Linux Platform
In addition to Garnet OS, ACCESS is developing its next-generation platform for mobile phones and converged devices–the ACCESS Linux Platform —  the industry’s first fully integrated, commercial grade Linux®-based platform for mobile phones and devices. The ACCESS Linux Platform will include a Garnet OS compatibility layer, currently known as GHost (Garnet Host). ACCESS has publicly demonstrated that most properly written 68K Garnet OS applications will run on ACCESS Linux Platform-based devices with little or no modification.

ACCESS CO., LTD., is a global company providing leading technology, software products and platforms for web browsing, mobile phones, wireless handhelds and other networked devices. ACCESS’ product portfolio, including its NetFront browser, Garnet OS (formerly Palm OS®) and the ACCESS Linux Platform provide customers with solutions that enable faster time-to-market, flexibility and customizability. The Company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, operates 29 subsidiaries and affiliates within Asia, Europe and the United States. ACCESS is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index under the number 4813.
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