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ACCESS Provides Core Technology for New Handspring Blazer 3.0 Web Browser

Tokyo, Japan / Fremont, CA, USA – July 15, 2003 – ACCESS (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813), a global provider of integrated data platforms and Internet access technologies for the mobile communications market, has worked with Handspring to provide the core foundation for Handspring’s new Blazer® 3.0 Web browser. The new browser, which is based on ACCESS’ NetFront® v3.0 technology, is available in Handspring’s recently announced Treo 600.

NetFront v3.0 is the most widely deployed and actively used embedded Web browser in the world with 92 million licenses representing 244 different consumer devices from more than 80 manufacturers. NetFront v3.0 powers handhelds, mobile phones, car navigation systems and other non-PC Internet devices.

“Working with an established mobile browser technology leader like ACCESS to develop our new Blazer 3.0 browser means that we can offer the best possible Internet experience to our customers,” said Celeste Baranski, vice president, engineering for Handspring, Inc.

“Handspring is a leader in the handheld and smart phone marketplace developing innovative, award-winning products such as the Treo series. We are honored to have partnered with Handspring to develop the new Blazer 3.0 browser,” said Toru Arakawa, president and chief executive officer of ACCESS Co. Ltd.

About Blazer Web browser
The new Blazer Web Browser 3.0 uses Handspring technology to optimize Web pages for display on the Treo 600. The new browser supports a full range of content types, including HTML 4.0, XHTML Basic and Mobile Profile, WML 1.3, cHTML (i-mode), a variety of image formats, style sheets, JavaScript and more. The browser also introduces new features such as saved pages, vertical and horizontal viewing modes, cross-application integration with email, phone and SMS and the ability to download ring tones, pictures, and applications over the air directly to the Treo 600.

About ACCESS Co., Ltd. and ACCESS Systems America, Inc.
ACCESS Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813) is a global provider of mobile content delivery and access technologies. ACCESS develops and markets PCSS, an integrated platform that enables wireless network operators to rapidly deploy value-added data services on 2.5G and 3G networks and generate revenue from premium branded third-party content. ACCESS’ embedded NetFront and Compact NetFront browsers power approximately 244 different commercial products worldwide, representing 92 million licenses. The NetFront micro browser is most widely deployed in phones for NTT DoCoMo’s popular i-mode service. ACCESS Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with ACCESS Systems America, its U.S. subsidiary, in Fremont, California. More information is available at and

ACCESS is a registered trademark in Japan. NetFront is a registered trademark of ACCESS Co., Ltd. in Japan. NetFront is a registered trademark of NetFront Communications, Inc. in the United States and is used under license.


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