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ACCESS Commences Online Sales of NetFront™ v3.0 Browser for PocketPC

Tokyo, Japan / Fremont, CA, USA / Oberhausen, Germany – December 17, 2002 – ACCESS (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813), a global provider of integrated, next-generation data platforms and Internet access technologies for the mobile communications market, announced that it will commence online sales of its browser, NetFront v3.0 for Pocket PC, a software package enabling PDA handsets installed with Pocket PC or Pocket PC2002 OS to browse the Internet. The English language version will be available from online software retailers Handango beginning December 17. The Japanese language version has been available from @irBitway, Good Crew Leche and Vector Pro-Reg since November, and has been among the highest ranking download at these sites.

Until now, end-users have only experienced ACCESS’ browser technology through devices pre-installed with ACCESS browsers. Due to overwhelming individual demand from end-users, ACCESS began researching the development of a browser package for individual download and purchase in February of this year. Based upon feedback from some 8000 evaluation version users over nearly eight months, ACCESS has developed a superior final commercial version.

The NetFront suite of browser technologies is embedded in almost 80 million items spanning some 191 different product lines including PDAs, game consoles, digital cameras, digital televisions, and mobile phones. ACCESS’ latest version of its browser, NetFront v3.0, conforms to the latest W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards including CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and DHTML (Dynamic HTML), which enables resource constrained, non-PC hardware to browse the Internet. PDAs, including Zaurus SL-A300 produced by Sharp and CLIE PEG-NX70V / NX60 produced by Sony have ACCESS browsers pre-installed. In addition, NetFront v3.0 for Pocket PC features numerous convenient functions for Pocket PC handset users, including Multi-window, Page Store, Horizontal Just Fit which allows websites to be viewed without using horizontal scroll bars, Zoom that enables three levels of screen reduction (75%, 50%, and 25%), and Drag Scroll which allows stylus pen controlled scrolling.

Following strong demand by evaluation version users, SH and MIPS versions will also be made available in addition to StrongARM versions. ACCESS will furthermore provide a Java plug-in package in its StrongARM version which supports Java applets through JV-Lite2 and ACCESS Java enabling environment based upon Personal Java 1.2a. Additionally, the trial-use versions (with limited functionality and 45 days use) will be made available through the ACCESS website and through online software retail sites. Enterprise channel sales will continue to be handled directly by ACCESS.

Package Structure

    NetFront v3.0 for Pocket PC Rel.1.0 (StrongARM/XScale, MIPS, and SH-3 versions) each US$24.8
  • 3 months e-mail support included
    NetFront v3.0 for Pocket PC Rel.1.0 with JV-Lite2 (StrongARM version) US$29.8
  • Java Plug-in (Personal Java 1.2a standard)
  • 3 months e-mail support included

Trial Use Versions (Japanese, English versions)
Free 45 day trial downloads with limited functionality are available from the ACCESS web site as well as online software retailer sites.
Japanese version: began on November 25
English version: beginning December 17

    NetFront v3.0 for Pocket PC Rel.1.0 with JV-Lite2 (StrongARM version)
  • Java Plug-in (Personal Java 1.2a standard)
  • 45 day and limited function restriction applies
    Japanese Language Version
  • Vector Pro-Reg (full version, trial-use version)
  • @airBitway (full version, trial-use version)
  • Good Crew Leche (full version, trial-use version)
    English Language Version
  • Handango, Inc. (full version, evaluation version)

Functions and features of NetFront v3.0 for Pocket PC

    Conforms to the latest W3C standards
  • HTML4.01, XHTML1.0, cHTML (Compact HTML), XHTML Basic 1.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 1, 2
  • ECMA Script 3rd Edition (JavaScript 1.5)
  • DOM (Document Object Model) 1, 2
  • Various image formats:
    GIF/animated GIF, PNG, JPEG, MNG, BMP
  • HTTP/1.1
  • SSL2.0/3.0, TLS1.0
  • Cookie support

Special functions* available with Pocket PC
*(Some functions are not available on trial-use versions)

  • Display up to five windows using a tab
    Horizontal Just Fit
  • Adapts the page data to fit the display screen width, eliminating the need to use the horizontal scroll bar
  • Allows for the quick display of page data at various sizes
    Drag Scroll
  • Selects and move pages using stylus pen, allowing easy scrolling of displayed page
    File Download/upload
  • Program and image download/upload
    Page Store
  • Save pages in mht format
  • Specified URL setting is automatically downloaded when connecting to the Internet

Character Copy/paste

Image Save

    Content Settings
  • On/off control of various settings (image, display, animated GIF, table display, JavaScript, CSS, etc.)
    External Application Helper
  • Enables the evoking of external applications such as Windows Media Player, Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC1.0, PocketWord, PocketExcel and other applications
    Offline Browsing
  • View data offline

Personal Java support (option)

    Java plug-in, JV-Lite2 Personal Edition for Pocket PC
  • Based upon Sun Microsystems Personal Java 1.2a
  • JDK1.1 based Java applet ability
  • Sample applet equipped

Mascot Capsule (Demo version) 3D Engine by HI

Mascot Capsule® EngineMicro3D Edition is 3D rendering engine software allowing real-time control of movement of 3D mascots in embedded devices, hand held game consoles, and mobile telephones. Compared to 2D graphics, far richer expressions can be created, even in resource constrained environments.

Operational Environment

Memory size requirements
Memory requirements for data storage:
Approx. 2.8MB, when JV-Lite installed approx. 6MB
Program execution memory requirements:
From 3MB (NF3PPC), from 6MB (when JV-Lite2 is in operation)
Support CPU: StrongARM, MIPS*, SH3*, PXA250:
Support OS: Microsoft Pocket PC, Pocket PC2002

Verified PDAs

    Japanese Versions:
  • Compaq: iPAQ H3630, H3850, H3870, H3950*
  • HP: Jornada 568, 548*
  • Toshiba: GENIO e550, e550G*, e740W
  • NEC: Pocket Gear
  • CASIO: CASSIOPEIA E-2000, E750*
  • NTT DoCoMo: G-FORT, musea
  • FUJITSU: PocketLOOX*
    English Versions:
  • Compaq: iPAQ H3630, H3970*
  • HP: Jornada 568, 548*
  • Toshiba: GENIO e550G*

*Excluding JV-Lite2

Additional models are expected to be added in the future.

About ACCESS Co. Ltd. and Overseas Subsidiaries
ACCESS Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813) is a global provider of integrated, next-generation mobile data platforms and mobile Internet access technologies for the mobile communications market. ACCESS develops and markets PCSS, an integrated platform that enables wireless network operators to rapidly deploy value-added data services on 2.5G and 3G networks. With PCSS, operators can generate revenue from premium branded third-party content such as graphical web pages, Java applications, ring-tones, screen-savers, premium MMS messages, and other push services. ACCESS’ embedded NetFront and Compact NetFront browsers power 191 different commercial products worldwide including mobile phones, digital televisions, set-top boxes, game consoles, PDAs, car navigation systems, web phones, kiosk terminals and intranet terminals. ACCESS’ Compact NetFront microbrowser is most widely deployed in phones for NTT DoCoMo’s popular i-mode service. To date, almost 80 million ACCESS software licenses have shipped from more than 40 major vendors. ACCESS Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with ACCESS Systems America, its US subsidiary, in Fremont, California, ACCESS Systems Europe, its German subsidiary, in Oberhausen, Germany and with ACCESS (Beijing) Co.,Ltd, its Chinese subsidiary, in Beijing, China. More information is available at and

ACCESS is a registered trademark in Japan. NetFront, Compact NetFront are registered trademarks of ACCESS Co., Ltd. in Japan. NetFront is a registered trademark of NetFront Communications, Inc. in the United States and is used under license. i-mode is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.


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