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In-Car Services and Data Now Safe Thanks to Multi-Layer Security from ACCESS and Irdeto

OEMs and Tier 1’s can now fully embrace connectivity without fear, providing a safe and reliable driving experience for consumers

Tokyo, Japan, 8 January 2019ACCESS CO., LTD and Irdeto are partnering to safeguard in-car data and services. Connectivity has enabled vehicles to become services hubs. However, turning the car into an open environment can also result in increased security threats, ranging from content piracy to data theft. Further, the in-vehicle infotainment system could allow access to other connected components, rendering the vehicle’s control systems open to attack.

With an increase in threats on the horizon, the partnership will leverage expertise in building secure environments for in-car services, including the protection of infotainment content delivered to the vehicle, network communications and endpoints in the connected vehicle ecosystem, such as telematics ECUs, the in-vehicle entertainment system and V2I roadside units. This multi-layered security strategy allows car manufacturers to identify weak links and block any attack, thus providing a safe and reliable driving experience for consumers.

ACCESS and Irdeto are partnering to safeguard in-car data and services
Infotainment area is getting more important to in-car security

“Today, we can build many services using in-car Wi-Fi and connected devices within the vehicle. One of the hottest areas is enhancing the entertainment experience to offer the same services we have at home, adjusted for each journey. To do so, we need to offer the same content we have at home – from Hollywood blockbusters to independent documentaries and games. All of this content is copyrighted and needs to be fully protected. Our partnership with Irdeto enables us to confidently solve this challenge, especially for high value content such as live sports and premium video offerings,” said Dr. Neale Foster, CEO at ACCESS Europe.

Irdeto has an in-depth understanding of the motives and associated techniques used by hackers, as well as the susceptibility of the connected vehicle industry to cyberattacks and the resulting business impacts. Irdeto’s state-of-the-art, multi-layered approach to securing connected vehicles protects Electronic Control Units (ECUs); peripherals including IVI systems; software including initialization, applications and all associated data; in-vehicle networks including CAN bus, ethernet and future bus architectures; and connectivity, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, V2X and others. In addition, Irdeto has introduced machine-learning-based technology that detects abnormal vehicle behavior that could result from the exploitation of an unknown (zero-day) vulnerability.

The result is vehicle software that runs as intended in the face of cyberattacks, providing a safe and reliable driving experience for consumers as well as protecting brand reputation and revenue for vehicle and component manufacturers.

Niels Haverkorn, General Manager of Connected Transport at Irdeto, added: “Now that consumers have access to more services in the car, the threats of potential data theft are very real. Today, we are partnering with ACCESS to create a complete and secure ecosystem, which means that V2X communications can be secured so data transmitted from one device to the next cannot be intercepted and tampered with. Without these measures, secure communication channels could be used by attackers to send malicious information into the ecosystem, with potentially damaging results for the driver and passengers.”

ACCESS works with Tier 1s, studios, broadcasters, content rights owners, consultants, the legal profession, licensing and collecting societies, Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and infrastructure providers to help make the next generation of compelling in-car services a reality. Content protection remains a high priority for studios and broadcasters, and ACCESS Twine for Car ensures automakers’ services are compliant by supporting end-to-end protection of their assets. ACCESS provides ACCESS Twine for Car, a unique solution encompassing all connected entertainment options into a user-friendly interface.

ACCESS and Irdeto are partnering to safeguard in-car data and services – ACCESS Twine for Car
ACCESS provides the integrated solutions of ACCES Twine for Car enabling secure infotainment with Irdeto in-vehicle security solutions

Note to editors: ACCESS and Irdeto will showcase their joint solution at CES 2019 (Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2019). If you would like to know more about this partnership or see a demo during CES, please contact Faye Ratliff,, +44 207 486 4900.

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