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ACCESS’ NetFront Browser BE DTV Profile Selected for Panasonic’s CATV Digital Set-Top Boxes to Support New 4K Broadcasts

High-Performance HTML5 Browser to Promote Fast Spread of Advanced 4K Broadcasts in Japan

Tokyo, Japan, 22 October 2018 − ACCESS CO., LTD announced that its NetFront™ Browser BE v2 DTV Profile, the latest version of the high-performance browser for televisions, has been selected by Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd. (“Panasonic”) for its CATV digital set-top box models that support the new 4K satellite broadcasting services set to start in December 2018. The browser will be used in TZ-LT1000BW, a new basic model to be launched in November 2018, and TZ-HT3000BW, a new model with a built-in 2 TB HDD to be launched in January 2019.

Panasonic’s new CATV STB models inherit all the easy-to-use basic functions of previous models and support the pass-through reception system for new 4K satellite broadcasts*1. This enables cable TV frequency bands to be used efficiently and supports the increasing number of Cable 4K channels. In addition, the STB models feature the NetFront Browser BE v2 DTV Profile browser, which provides datacasting and closed captioning functions for the latest 4K satellite broadcasting services. This single browser solution supports ARIB-HTML5-compliant multimedia datacasting and new ARIB-TTML-compliant closed caption standards, which enable text and multimedia input, including images, sounds, and animations.

This is the second time that ACCESS’ browser for televisions has been selected for Panasonic’s 4K devices, following the integration into the DIGA Blu-ray disc recorder with a built-in 4K tuner for the Japanese market (DMR-SUZ2060). Panasonic made the choice based on its high evaluation of ACCESS’ datacasting browser market experience and knowledge.

NetFront Browser BE DTV Profile is an HTML5 browser for high-end devices. Based on the NetFront Browser BE Chromium Blink browser, it supports viewing datacasting for major broadcasting and communications standards used in Japan and overseas, including Hybridcast, alongside online services such as Over-The-Top (OTT) video. It has been deployed on many televisions, set-top boxes and other devices shipped in Japan and around the world.

The latest version, v2, supports the specifications of Japan’s new 4K/8K satellite broadcasting that will go into service in December 2018, including multimedia services (ARIB-HTML5), subtitle and closed captions (ARIB-TTML, ARIB STD-B62/TR-B39). It provides a viewing environment for broadcasting services, offering resolution and realism that are four times higher and greater than those of full high-definition television.

ACCESS will continue to leverage its advanced browser technology in order to help broadcasters and manufacturers, including Panasonic, provide next-generation services.

  1. 110° CS digital broadcasts are not supported.

*For details regarding the new Panasonic TZ-LT1000BW and TZ-HT3000BW, see the official Panasonic website:

About NetFront Browser BE
NetFront Browser BE is an advanced HTML5 browser based on the Chromium Blink core engine. It is designed to make full use of the hardware resources of high-end embedded devices, such as multicore CPUs/GPUs. It was developed utilizing ACCESS’ expertise, built from the company’s extensive experience of deploying embedded browsers in over 1.5 billion devices, and features an interface design optimized for embedded devices. This browser is deployed on a diverse range of embedded devices, such as 4K digital televisions, set-top boxes, in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVIs), game consoles, and multifunction devices.
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