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Press Releases


ACCESS Seoul Acquires Digital Content Rights for Disney Titles in South Korea

ACCESS Seoul will localize, develop, and publish edutainment, eBooks, games and other content in South Korea

Tokyo, Japan, – May 21, 2015 – ACCESS Co., Ltd., announced that its South Korean subsidiary,  ACCESS Seoul Co., Ltd., has acquired a license from The Walt Disney Company (Korea) Limited for the localization, development, and publication of digital content based on Disney titles in the South Korean market.

According to the terms of this license agreement, ACCESS Seoul will select products to release in the South Korean market from the English-language digital content based on the approximately 160 titles released by Disney each year. ACCESS Seoul will develop Korean-language versions of these titles, which it will distribute directly as a publisher to business-to-consumer markets for smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

In the first wave of these offerings in the middle of July 2015, ACCESS Seoul plans to begin publishing of Korean-language versions of smartphone/tablet edutainment apps targeted at the 4-to-10 year age group for both iOS and Android. ACCESS Seoul is also developing Korean-language versions of eBooks based on Disney titles, which it will begin to publish this summer.

ACCESS Seoul will be continuing to release a variety of products based on the latest Disney titles in a range of genres – edutainment, eBooks and games.

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