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Press Releases


ACCESS Industry-leading HbbTV and HTML5 Solution Enables HyperPanel Lab to Deliver Next Generation TV

Oberhausen, Germany, − 28 March 2013 − ACCESS CO., LTD, today announced that HyperPanel Lab, a leading provider of Digital TV middleware, has selected ACCESS’ NetFront™ Browser NX for integration with its middleware solution. NetFront Browser NX is an advanced WebKit-based HTML5 browser which is compliant with the latest HbbTV 1.5 standard. NetFront Browser NX’s combination of HbbTV and HTML5 provides HyperPanel Lab with best-in-class hybrid connected capabilities to cost-effectively deliver advanced multiscreen TV services.

“As the leading WebKit/HTML5 browser on the market, ACCESS’ NetFront Browser NX is the number one choice for the migration of our middleware to HTML5 while maintaining the latest HbbTV specifications,” said Laoreato Santonastasi, CEO of HyperPanel Lab.

“NetFront Browser NX is unique because of its combined functionality of advanced graphical performance, industry leading web rendering speed, HTML5 compatibility and compliance with HbbTV 1.5. ACCESS’ solution is a key part of the roadmap for our middleware, multiscreen TV Server and whole-home DVR solutions. It takes away the pain of us having to stay-up-to-date with the latest WebKit updates and at the same time provides the advanced functionality to deliver the diverse HbbTV services and the exciting graphics and UIs that can be created through HTML5,” concluded Santonastasi.

NetFront Browser NX is a powerful, dual-profile WebKit-based HTML5 browser that features efficient memory usage, high stability and high portability. It is compatible with the latest HbbTV-compliant services including catch-up TV, video on demand, interactive advertising and social networking. Alongside its HbbTV capabilities, its industry leading web rendering speed – even for complex WebGL contents on TV – also offers the delivery of rich graphics and UIs (user interfaces) over the HTML5 standard.

“The connected TV Industry undoubtedly needs to move towards a place where consumers are excited by the ‘look-and-feel’ of the new interactive TV services available on the market,” said Nobuya Murofushi, president and CEO, ACCESS. “NetFront Browser NX’s combination of HbbTV services and HTML5 functionality is we believe a powerful game-changer for the industry. NetFront Browser NX harnesses the power of both technologies to give device manufacturers a cost-efficient solution which transforms television viewing into an experience which simultaneously looks great and engages the viewer. We are delighted that HyperPanel Lab has selected our solution and we are sure that consumers will enjoy the benefits of the fresh and innovative delivery of content and services it enables.”

NetFront™ Browser NX DTV Profile HbbTV Edition is a WebKit-based browser featuring efficient memory usage, high stability, high portability and comprehensive support for DTV standards including HbbTV, BBC iPlayer and CE-HTML. It enables operators, device manufacturers and middleware companies to launch or upgrade HbbTV capable devices and services quickly, efficiently and affordably while benefitting from an HTML5-compliant powerful browser engine.

ACCESS CO., LTD. is a global provider of advanced software solutions and services that enable operators, device manufacturers, content owners and consumers to make the most of today’s multi-screen, connected world. It provides software for mobiles, smartphones and tablets, connected TVs and set-top boxes in the connected home, automotive, digital publishing and networking markets. ACCESS solutions have shipped in over one billion devices around the world. Its product portfolio includes the NetFront™ Software Series and the ZebOS® network platform, providing customers faster time-to-market, flexibility and customizability; the ACCESSTM Digital Publishing Ecosystem for cloud-based, cross-platform digital publishing and the NetAd mobile advertising platform. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Mothers’ Index, 4813) and operates subsidiaries and affiliates in Asia, Europe and the United States. Learn more about ACCESS at

About HyperPanel Lab
HyperPanel Lab is a fully Private French company that was founded in 1986. Since its inception, the company has sustainably managed to self-finance the development of its own real-time Operating System, such RTOS being ideally tailored to handle complex Mainframe, Telecoms and Television based architectures.

In 1996, pioneering the global advent of Digital TV, HyperPanel Lab has created the whole Middleware of the world first digital set-top box: that was for CanalSatellite®. Almost 35 millions licenses of that core technology have been deployed on more than fifty different hardware platforms.

In 2013, HyperPanel Lab is introducing a revolutionary multiscreen platform – the Home Media Cloud – thus enabling a disruptive newer Paradigm combining the seamless management of both Broadcast, Broadband and even Smart-Home on the numerous and heterogeneous screens within the home.

HyperPanel Lab’s awesome software suite is so powerful that it enables, using ordinary off-the-shelves components (processor, memories, hard-disk, tuners, connectors etc.) to build up advanced multiroom TV Servers as well as performing NAS type Whole-Home DVR. These new age Video Gateways manipulate simultaneously numerous service flows and seamlessly stream to TV sets, computers, tablets, and smartphones throughout the home, thus fostering personalized TV at anybody’s fingertips.

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