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ACCESS Announces NetFront™ Browser NX, A Powerful WebKit-Based Browser with Ultra-Low Memory Usage

Selected as browser engine for Internet Browser in Nintendo’s handheld console Nintendo 3DS

Sunnyvale, US, — June 7, 2011 — ACCESS CO., LTD, a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, beyond-PC and digital TV markets, today announced the availability of NetFront Browser NX, a powerful new WebKit-based browser for beyond-PC devices. NetFront Browser NX features one of the world’s lowest and most efficient levels of memory usage on WebKit, a major open-source web browser engine for PCs and other devices.

NetFront Browser NX has been selected and customized as the browser engine for the Internet Browser in the Nintendo 3DS game console being sold in Japan, Europe, Australia and the United States. The Internet Browser is available to users upon installing the Nintendo 3DS system update as of today.

NetFront Browser NX incorporates a unique technology that achieves efficient memory usage while minimizing the impact of memory shortages, even under exceedingly low memory conditions, ensuring stable system behavior. In addition, ACCESS’ newly developed platform-independent library enhances portability.

NetFront Browser NX is optimized for beyond-PC devices like Internet TVs and set-top boxes and provides excellent support for popular, open-standard web services even in environments with limited resources.

Other key features of NetFront Browser NX include:

  • Flexible UI customization
    • Unique new API delivers user interfaces suited to a wide range of devices
    • Technically supported UI customization
  • OS compatibility
    • Linux®, Android, Unix, Windows® CE, etc.
  • Device compatibility
    • Mobile phones, game consoles, Internet TVs, set-top boxes, multi-purpose machines and automobile infotainment systems

For information on the features supported by the Internet Browser offered for the Nintendo 3DS, please refer to the official information provided by Nintendo.

“NetFront Browser NX achieves the goal of smooth, open-standard Internet connectivity without burdening embedded devices such as the Nintendo handheld game console, Nintendo 3DS,” said Tomihisa Kamada, president and CEO, ACCESS. “We look forward to providing game consoles with highly efficient web functionality enabled by NetFront Browser NX. With NetFront Browser v4, which is optimized for embedded devices including low-end models, and NetFront Browser NX, which is optimized for advanced Internet environments, ACCESS now offers browser solutions for an exceptionally wide range of devices.”

NetFront Browser NX leverages the extensive expertise in embedded software that ACCESS has developed with its NetFront software series, which has been embedded in more than one billion devices worldwide.

For more information about NetFront Browser NX, visit:

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