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NetFront™ Living Connect Deployed on docomo PRIME Series™ N-04B

Enables N-04B handsets to interconnect with PCs/TVs via WiFi

TOKYO, Japan, – June 21, 2010 – ACCESS CO., LTD. a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, beyond-PC and digital TV markets, today announced that NetFront Living Connect has been deployed on the docomo PRIME series N-04B mobile phones (manufactured by NEC CASIO Mobile Communications, Ltd.) launched by NTT DOCOMO on May 27 as part of its summer line-up.

NetFront Living Connect supports DLNA guidelines, which formulate specifications for interconnections among information appliances such as PCs, TVs and mobile devices. As with ACCESS’ world-leading NetFront Browser, NetFront Living Connect is optimized for resource-constrained embedded environments. Thanks to its high portability and flexibility, NetFront Living Connect can be customized to support any OS or CPU. NetFront Living Connect is compatible with any Internet-enabled information appliance, including mobile phones, digital TVs, digital cameras, HDD recorders and printers.

Thanks to their deployment of NetFront Living Connect, docomo PRIME series N-04B mobile phones, which feature a 12.2 million PIXEL camera, are compatible with DLNA guidelines and can exchange pictures and video wirelessly with DLNA-compliant PCs and televisions. For example, users can download a video from a DLNA-compatible PC onto an N-04B handset and watch the video outside. Users can also send video from an N-04B mobile phone to a DLNA-compatible PC and edit it on the PC. In addition, users can send pictures shot with an N-04B phone to a TV and enjoy seeing those pictures on the larger screen.

“Bringing DLNA compatibility to mobile phones is an important step in realizing the dream of the fully connected digital home,” said Tomihisa Kamada, president, CEO and co-founder of ACCESS CO., LTD. “As home networking continues to accelerate around the world, manufacturers are looking to provide products that enable consumers to connect to the Internet from a wide variety of devices in their homes. ACCESS is helping meet this market need by providing software that enables innovative multimedia home networks.”

NetFront products, including NetFront Living Connect, have been deployed in 923 million devices worldwide, representing 2,054 different device models.

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