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ACCESS Releases Technical Preview Version of NetFront™ Browser v3.4 for Windows Mobile

First ACCESS product to feature next-generation Camellia cipher

Tokyo, Japan, – November 30, 2007 – ACCESS CO., LTD., a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile and beyond-PC markets, today made available the latest technical preview version of NetFront Browser v3.4 for Windows Mobile® 5.0.

In addition to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a U.S. government block cipher encryption algorithm, the latest technical preview version of NetFront Browser for Windows Mobile for the first time also includes Camellia, a high-security, high-performance international standard cipher jointly developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT) and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. By supporting both Camellia and AES, the latest technical preview version of NetFront Browser v3.4 for Windows Mobile offers much needed choice and greater security to mobile Internet users.

NetFront Browser is designed to provide high performance in resource-constrained environments characterized by limited memory or CPU capability, making it an ideal Internet browser for consumer electronics and mobile terminals, such as PDAs and smartphones. There are currently more than 440 million NetFront product deployments worldwide.

The technical preview version of NetFront Browser v3.4 for Windows Mobile is available in both English and Japanese versions and can be downloaded free of charge from the following websites:
Japanese version:

English version:

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