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ACCESS and Realeyes3D “Motionize” NetFront™ Browser for Mobile

Camera phone users navigate the whole web with natural motion

Mobile Internet World, Boston, MA – November 13, 2007 – ACCESS CO., LTD., a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile and beyond-PC markets, and Realeyes3D, a pioneer in mobile applications and services for camera phones, today announced the use of Realeyes3D’s award-winning, motion-based panning and zooming Motionized technology to power the Smart Swing Navi feature of ACCESS’ newest NetFront Browser v3.5. Now available to handset vendors worldwide, NetFront Browser v3.5 with Smart Swing Navi makes it possible for users to scroll handset contents by tilting the screen vertically and horizontally.

Motionized solves one of the biggest usability challenges in navigating the mobile web by enabling intuitive, natural motion-based panning and zooming into full web pages on small phone displays. Based on patent-pending, highly efficient software algorithms, Motionized determines the movements of the mobile phone by analyzing images from the camera phone lens, thus transforming the device into a motion sensor. Since the solution is based on software image processing technology, Motionized handsets need not include additional expensive hardware such as accelerometers.

NetFront Browser is the most advanced, versatile, and powerful Internet browser available in the mobile market. Specifically designed and optimized to deliver high performance in resource-constrained environments, NetFront Browser supports almost any OS and CPU and offers low power consumption, easy customization, and a broad range of plug-ins. NetFront Browser has been deployed in over 440 million Internet devices throughout the world including mobile phones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, mobile handhelds, game consoles, and automobile telematics systems, among others.

Realeyes3D is a valued member of the ACCESS Connect Ecosystem Global Partner Program,” said Kiyo Oishi, executive officer, ACCESS CO., LTD. and chief operating officer, ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc. “Motionized is an efficient and exciting technology and a great complement to any camera phone outfitted with NetFront Browser. We’re pleased to incorporate this technology into NetFront Browser v3.5 as our Smart Swing Navi feature.”

“ACCESS is an ideal software partner for Realeyes3D and will help speed distribution of the powerful Motionized technology into the hands of users who all need a better way to access and view the mobile web,” said Benoit Bergeret, co-founder and CEO of Realeyes3D. “The browser is becoming the main channel into content on mobile phones. This UI evolution will bring great benefits to camera phone users, handset vendors, and to carriers as the global content navigation experience becomes more intuitive and natural for users.”

Motionized is available as a software library, and is being licensed to mobile software and platform vendors. Its architecture is OS independent, and its memory and processor footprint make it compatible with any existing camera phone. Motionized also powers Realeyes3D’s MotionLens picture viewing application, which can be used in a wide variety of applications for mobile phones, from games to browsers and picture viewing to editing applications.

ACCESS will be demonstrating NetFront Browser v3.5 with Smart Swing Navi at the ACCESS booth #101 at Mobile Internet World in Boston.

ACCESS CO., LTD. is a global company providing leading technology, software products and platforms for Web browsing, mobile phones, wireless handhelds, and other networked devices. ACCESS’ product portfolio, including its NetFront Browser, Garnet OS (formerly Palm OS®) and ACCESS Linux Platform, provides customers with solutions that enable faster time to market, flexibility and customizability. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, operates 29 subsidiaries and affiliates within Asia, Europe and the United States. ACCESS is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mother’s Index under the number 4813. For more information about ACCESS, please visit

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