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Press Releases


ACCESS NetFront™ Mobile Client Suite Selected for WILLCOM’s Toshiba PHS Handset

Tokyo, Japan, — May 31, 2007 — ACCESS CO., LTD. announced today that its NetFront Mobile Client Suite will feature in the new WX320T PHS handset from WILLCOM, Inc., the sole provider of PHS services in Japan. The handset, to be released in July, will be WILLCOM’s first Toshiba Corporation manufactured PHS handset.

NetFront Mobile Client Suite is a comprehensive, flexible, modular, and extensible packaged solution that takes the evolving phoneware category to powerful new levels of efficiency and functionality. WILLCOM’s new WX320T handset will come installed with a number of NetFront applications, including full-browsing capable NetFront Browser v.3.4, the newest member of the NetFront Browser family. NetFront Browser has been deployed in millions of Internet devices throughout the world, including mobile phones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, mobile handhelds, game consoles, automobile telematics systems and many other Internet-capable devices.

The new handset will also come with NetFront Messaging Client e-mail software, JV-Lite® 2 Java virtual machine, Microsoft® Office browsing software NetFront Document Viewer and Adobe® Reader LE PDF viewer software.

ACCESS has provided NetFront Mobile Client Suite to three previous WILLCOM handset models, the WX310SA, WX310J and WX321J.

ACCESS CO., LTD. is a global company providing leading technology, software products and platforms for web browsing, mobile phones, wireless handhelds and other networked devices. ACCESS’ product portfolio, including its NetFront Browser, Garnet OS (formerly Palm OS®) and ACCESS Linux Platform, provides customers with solutions that enable faster time-to-market, flexibility and customizability. The Company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, operates 27 subsidiaries and affiliates within Asia, Europe and the United States. ACCESS is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index under the number 4813. For more information about ACCESS, please visit