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Press Releases


ACCESS Debuts NetFront™ LocationFree® Player for Pocket PC in U.S.

Company to Launch Updated Version with Enhanced Functionality in Japan

TOKYO, Japan, – December 4, 2006 – ACCESS CO., LTD (TSE:4813) announced today that it will introduce an English-language version of “NetFrontLocationFree Player for Pocket PC Rev. 2.0.0”, the company’s image viewing software for Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC. The product will debut in the U.S. in mid-December 2006. An updated Japanese-language version with increased functionality will be launched in Japan simultaneously.

The NetFront LocationFree Player for Pocket PC runs with Sony Corporation’s LocationFree software and enables users to view TV programs and video content from various locations even outside the home via an Internet connection. Users can operate and view TVs and devices such as DVD recorders on their Pocket PCs as if they were at home. In addition to supporting images from external devices such as DVD recorders and video cameras, the NetFront LocationFree Player for Pocket PC Rev. 2.0.0 also features advanced remote functionality, which allows users to operate external devices through a screen and play-back, stop, or fast-forward. This new software supports Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, and uses an MPEG4 picture decoder from Techno Mathematical Co., Ltd.

ACCESS’ NetFront LocationFree Player for Pocket PC is available at the following download sites:

    U.S.-based Sites
  • US Handango (
  • US PocketGear (

*Sale price: $US19.80 (tax excluded) Japan-based Sites

  • Club Bitway (
  • Good Crew Leche (
  • Vector Product Registration (

*Sale price: ¥1,980 (tax excluded) Users of the existing version can upgrade free of charge.

“Thanks to ACCESS’s new technology, we will be able to provide our Location Free Player to customers in the U.S. as well as Japan,” said Satoru Maeda, General Manager at Project LFX Division, TV&Video Business Group at Sony Corporation. “This will give more customers the opportunity to enjoy Location Free, which is an entirely new way to watch TV created by Sony.”

“Through our image viewing software, ACCESS will promote a location free lifestyle via PDAs,” said Toru Arakawa, ACCESS CEO, president and co-founder. ” ACCESS will continue to develop a variety of products that support integration between communications and other media.”

ACCESS CO., LTD., is a global company providing leading technology, software products and platforms for web browsing, mobile phones, wireless handhelds and other networked devices. ACCESS’ product portfolio, including its NetFront browser, Palm OS® and the ACCESS Linux Platformprovide customers with solutions that enable faster time-to-market, flexibility and customizability. The Company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, operates 29 subsidiaries and affiliates within Asia, Europe and the United States. ACCESS is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index under the number 4813. For more information about ACCESS, please visit

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