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ACCESS’ Premium Content Platform First to Provide OMA Compliant Support for Digital Rights Management in Mobile Environment

PCSS Now Enables Secure Content Distribution Models

CTIA 2003, New Orleans, LA – March 17, 2003 – ACCESS (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813), a global provider of content delivery and access technologies for the mobile communications market announced that its Premium Content Subscription Server (PCSS®) now supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) based on the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) 1.0 specification. PCSS is the first premium content delivery platform to offer OMA Compliant DRM support for all content formats including J2ME downloads, premium MMS, browser content and polyphonic ring tones. In addition, PCSS now also includes a new extranet feature and workflow enhancements that greatly facilitate the content review and approval process and the content management process. Additional features provide enhanced security for both content partners and mobile operators.

The concept of Digital Rights Management has gained considerable support within the mobile content community as developers look to avoid the costly copyright infringement issues that have impacted the music and entertainment industry. DRM will help to prevent the illegal distribution of mobile content while providing new business models like content previewing, super-distribution and gifting, that will increase content distribution and usage. ACCESS’ PCSS platform with mobile DRM support is the first mobile content platform to offer operators and content developers the benefits of secure distribution.

“By providing support for OMA’s DRM specification, ACCESS has demonstrated its mature understanding for what concerns the developer community,” said Dale Crowley CEO of NuvoStudios. “The illegal distribution of mobile content is rapidly becoming a significant issue for all content developers. By providing technologies that prevent the illegal distribution of mobile content while enabling new distribution models, ACCESS has set the right direction for companies that provide data services to the mobile industry,” added Scott Jensen, President of NuvoStudios.

“As our PCSS platform evolves we have focused on adding new technologies that provide real benefits to the mobile community, DRM is that type of technology,” said Kiyo Oishi, president and COO, ACCESS Systems America. “Working to the specifications set by the members of the Open Mobile Alliance we have created a comprehensive solution for the secure distribution of digital content. We are now pleased to be able to offer DRM capabilities along with other solutions for distribution and charging of J2ME downloads, premium MMS, polyphonic ring tones and browser content.”

About PCSS
PCSS is an integrated platform that enables wireless network operators to rapidly deploy value-added data services on 2.5G and 3G networks. With PCSS, operators can leverage premium branded third-party content such as graphical web pages, Java applications, ring-tones, screen-savers, premium MMS messages and other push services. Purchases of premium content are charged to the user’s post-paid or pre-paid account. The pre-paid capabilities of PCSS are of particular value in many markets around the world. On average, users will spend 20-25% more per month to purchase and access premium content, significantly boosting the wireless network operator’s data revenue on a per-user basis.

About ACCESS Co., Ltd. and ACCESS Systems America, Inc.
ACCESS Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813) is a global provider of integrated data platforms and Internet access technologies for the mobile communications market. ACCESS develops and markets PCSS, an integrated platform that enables wireless network operators to rapidly deploy value-added data services on 2.5G and 3G networks and generate revenue from premium branded third-party content. ACCESS’ embedded NetFrontand Compact NetFront browsers power over 191 different commercial products worldwide. The NetFront microbrowser is most widely deployed in phones for NTT DoCoMo’s popular i-mode service. ACCESS Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with ACCESS Systems America, its U.S. subsidiary, in Fremont, California. ACCESS Systems Europe is located in Oberhausen, Germany and ACCESS (Beijing) Co., Ltd in Beijing, China. More information is available at and

ACCESS is a registered trademark in Japan. NetFront, Compact NetFront are registered trademarks of ACCESS Co., Ltd. in Japan. NetFront is a registered trademark of NetFront Communications, Inc. in the United States and is used under license. i-mode and FOMA are registered trademarks of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.


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