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Bringing a new era to publishing businesses,
using worldwide standard digital publishing technologies.

We supply the “PUBLUS™” electronic bookstore solution to major publishers and electronic book service providers, both in Japan and abroad. We offer total support for increasingly diversified electronic book business models, such as EPUB3-compliant package sales (books), micro-content distribution (single stories), free online magazines, and ad-supported models. The core technology of these solutions, “PUBLUS™ Reader,” is the most popular commercial EPUB viewer in Japan. It faithfully reproduces complex vertical or reflow text and offers ultra-fast processing of fixed format electronic books. It is highly reliable and is even used by international standard organization IDPF.
The “PUBLUS™ Lite” electronic textbook distribution system meets electronic instructional material needs. Its advanced technologies, such as its ultra-fast display of PDF and Office files with over 1,000 pages, its cloud bookshelf functions, and its ability to perform cross-book searches within bookshelves, provide the usability required of electronic textbooks used for educational purposes.

Digital Publishing Platform


Our Track Record in Figures

Number of app downloads : 150 million downloads

eBook applications based on technologies provided by ACCESS have been downloaded over 150 million times. This number continues to rise as content spreads to comics, magazines, and books.

Number of services : 230 services

Starting with the top four Japanese publishers, ACCESS’s digital publishing solutions are being used in over 230 services by 100 companies around the world. Our world standard technologies and knowledge are helping to expand the market.

* As of July 2019

Main Solutions

  • Distribution server developmentDistribution server development
  • App developmentApp development
  • EPUB viewer supplyEPUB viewer supply
  • Service operationService operation