Digital Publishing

Bringing a new era to publishing businesses,
using worldwide standard digital publishing technologies.

We provide major publishers and eBook service providers in Japan and overseas with our eBook store solution “PUBLUS” and our digital textbook and teaching material solution “LentranceTM.” These services create a unique digital environment where anyone can enjoy books and comics in a seamless, fully interactive way.
One reason that ACCESS eBook solutions are being chosen is their early adoption of vertical text composition. They provide a viewing environment that displays vertical Japanese text smoothly, while using the world standard EPUB as the base. Used by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), the international standards organization that develops the EPUB specifications, ACCESS’s viewer technologies has a reputation for guaranteed high reli ability.
We can respond to next generation needs such as the distribution of publishing content originating from Japan to the world, monetization of content, and use in the ICT educational field with world standard technology.

Main Solutions


Our Track Record in Figures

Numbers of application downloads : 45 million downloads

eBook applications based on technologies provided by ACCESS have been downloaded over 45 million times. This number continues to rise as content spreads to comics, magazines, and books.

Number of user companies : 100 companies

Starting with the top four Japanese publishers, ACCESS’s digital publishing solutions are being used by over 100 digital publishing companies around the world. Our world standard technologies and know-how are helping to expand the market.

* As of September 2017

Vision for Digital Publishing

Creating new value unique to digital technologies.

Expression of content
Expression of content Creation of a reading environment that can only be offered digitally, using audio and video.
Content business
Content business Monetization of content such as creation of games utilizing popular characters
Collection and analysis of data
Collection and analysis of data
Analysis of how books are being read