An integrated solution that supports the
full range of electronic book businesses.

Electronic bookstore solution supporting the next-generation of digital content distribution business.

The "PUBLUS™" EPUB3-compliant electronic book solution provides total support for next-generation digital content businesses.
It is a high quality solution, compliant with the EPUB3 international standard, which enables the distribution of all types of electronic books and educational content, such as books, comics, magazines, textbooks, reference books, and more.

3 Solutions

01 PUBLUS - A framework for 'beyond just paper' business models -

PUBLUS is an electronic book distribution system that centrally manages shareable content in the cloud. The service can be deployed on four platforms: iOS and Android apps, PC and smartphone web browsers.

Download information about PUBLUS

02 PUBLUS Reader - EPUB3/multi-platform-compliant EPUB electronic book reader -

'PUBLUS™ Reader' is an EPUB viewing engine that complies with the EPUB international standard. The app version supports iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. The web browser version supports all major browsers.

Download list of functions for PUBLUS Reader for iOS/Android
Download list of functions for High Speed Viewer for iOS/Android
Download list of functions for browser version

03 PUBLUS Lite - Cloud bookshelf enabling the distribution of electronic books in three steps -

'PUBLUS™ Lite' is a cloud bookshelf system that can work natively with data such as PDFs and Microsoft Office files. iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps are available.

Download an overview of PUBLUS Lite


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