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Products for Device Manufacturer / OEM

NetFront Browser BE
Chromium Blink based HTML5 Browser
Advanced HTML5 browser for TV, STB, game consoles and automotive.
NetFront™ Browser NX DTV Profile
WebKit based HTML5 Browser
Webkit-based HTML5 browser with efficient memory usage and high stability.
NetFront Browser HbbTV Solutions
NetFront™ Browser HbbTV Solutions
Browser SDKs for HbbTV and UK Freeview Play
HTML5 browser SDKs supporting HbbTV 2.01 and UK Freeview Play 2017.
NetFront HTML5 Platforms for Automotive
NetFront™ HTML5 Platforms for Automotive
Embedded Automotive Platforms HTML Engine
The Choice of WebKit or Chromium Blink as the Core of Automotive HTML5 Based Platforms.
NetFront Browser BE for Automotive
NetFront™ Browser BE for Automotive
Chromium Blink based HTML Engine for Automotive
Advanced HTML5 solution for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) platforms.
NetFront™ Agent
IoT Gateway
World's smallest class managed edge computing engine for IoT gateways.
NetFront Console
NetFront™ Console
HTML embedded browser and UI/HMI engine
HTML embedded browser and UI/HMI engine that enables touch panels for low-memory industrial devices at a low cost.
360° Smart Media Platform
Multiscreen media and seamless integration of Smart Home & IoT devices and services.
Twine4Car apps
ACCESS Twine™ for Car
Automotive Content and App Service Platform for Connected Car Infotainment
Automotive Content and App Service Platform for Connected Car Infotainment
NetFront™ Living Connect
Multiscreen Media Sharing for CE Devices and Home Networks
Market-Leading Multiscreen Media Sharing Solution
on Consumer Electronics and Home Networks.
NetFront Living Connect for Connected Cars
NetFront™ Living Connect for Connected Cars
Media Sharing Solution for Automotive
Market-leading media sharing and playback solution for connected cars.
Network OS for white box systems
The industry's first OCP-compliant network OS for white box systems.
Virtual router network OS for NFV
Multifunction, high performance virtual router for NFV.
Embedded Network OS
Comprehensive middleware that supports network device development.