Telecommunications / Broadcasting

Products for Telecommunications / Broadcasting

NetFront Browser BE
Chromium Blink based HTML5 Browser
Advanced HTML5 browser for TV, STB, game consoles and automotive.
NetFront™ Browser NX DTV Profile
WebKit based HTML5 Browser
Webkit-based HTML5 browser with efficient memory usage and high stability.
NetFront Browser HbbTV Solutions
NetFront™ Browser HbbTV Solutions
Browser SDKs for HbbTV and UK Freeview Play
HTML5 browser SDKs supporting HbbTV 2.01 and UK Freeview Play 2017.
NetFront HTML5 Platforms for Automotive
NetFront™ HTML5 Platforms for Automotive
Embedded Automotive Platforms HTML Engine
The Choice of WebKit or Chromium Blink as the Core of Automotive HTML5 Based Platforms.
NetFront Browser BE for Automotive
NetFront™ Browser BE for Automotive
Chromium Blink based HTML Engine for Automotive
Advanced HTML5 solution for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) platforms.
NetFront™ Agent
IoT Gateway
World's smallest class managed edge computing engine for IoT gateways.
360° Smart Media Platform
Multiscreen media and seamless integration of Smart Home & IoT devices and services.
Twine4Car apps
ACCESS Twine™ for Car
Automotive Services, Content and App Platform for Connected Car Infotainment
Automotive Services, Content and App Platform for Connected Car Infotainment
NetFront™ Living Connect
Multiscreen Media Sharing for CE Devices and Home Networks
Market-Leading Multiscreen Media Sharing Solution
on Consumer Electronics and Home Networks.
NetFront Living Connect for Connected Cars
NetFront™ Living Connect for Connected Cars
Media Sharing Solution for Automotive
Market-leading media sharing and playback solution for connected cars.
Digital Publishing Platform
An integrated solution that supports the full range of electronic book businesses.
Network OS for white box systems
The industry's first OCP-compliant network OS for white box systems.
Virtual router network OS for NFV
Multifunction, high performance virtual router for NFV.
Embedded Network OS
Comprehensive middleware that supports network device development.