An HTML-based HMI engine,
enabling low-cost development for LCD touch panels
for low-memory industrial devices and home appliances.

An HMI engine for embedded devices that uses HTML
to easily and inexpensively create UI and improve its usability
for low-resource environments such as the LCD touch panels
used in industrial devices and home appliances.

NetFront™ Console uses HTML and CSS to easily create HMI (Human to Machine Interfaces) for embedded devices.
JavaScript can be combined with HTML and CSS to create HMI capable of complex, dynamic expressions.

* On August 23, 2018, "paneE™" was renamed "NetFront Console".

4 Features

NetFront Console was developed based on the browser technology used in NetFront™ Browser, which has an extensive track record of actual market use. It provides stable performance in low-memory environments.

01 Speedy, Low-cost HMI Development

NetFront Console uses HTML to develop HMI quickly, at little cost.

02 Rich Expressive Capabilities in Limited Resource Environments

Even in low memory, low CPU spec environments, JavaScript provides rich expressive capabilities.

03 Open Development Environment

The included PC emulator provides an environment that suits the development speed of the IoT age.

04 Easily Cooperate with Various Web Services

Not only is NetFront Console capable of UI creation, but its browser technologies also make secure, seamless, real-time web cooperation easy.

Use Cases

LCD Touch Panels for Industrial Devices

NetFront Console is perfect for use in the HMI displays of industrial devices which undergo design changes. With competitors' HMI products, most HMI modifications for industrial equipment, such as factory automation (FA) equipment, and input devices including POS terminals and handy terminals, require additional program development and updating, even for minor HMI changes.
In NetFront Console, the engine and content are separate, making it possible for users to make minor HMI changes using HTML without the needof application engineers.

Appliance LCD touch panels

Domestic appliances, such as refrigerators, are increasingly becoming network-connected. NetFront Console can be used to streamline the development of touch panel UIs and equip them with communications functions, making remote control possible. It can also drive users to web services.

Enables remote operation of washing machines from outside of the home, as well as leading users to purchasing sites for supplies, such as detergent.
Enables remote operation of washing machines from outside of the home, as well as leading users to purchasing sites for supplies, such as detergent.
Recipe displayed on a refrigerator display.
Recipe displayed on a refrigerator display.

Functions and Specifications

Operating Environment

T-Kernel, FreeRTOS, VxWorks, Linux, Windows CE
Cortex-A9 400MHz or better, recommended for WVGA screen size
5MB + additional amount dependent on content

Supported devices

All devices with displays, such as appliances, household equipment, industrial equipment.

Module Structure

Module Diagram

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