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TomTom Digital Cockpit CES2024 Demonstrations Feature ACCESS Powered In-Vehicle Infotainment Services

Oberhausen, Germany, 8 January 2024 – ACCESS Europe GmbH announces that visitors to the TomTom booth at CES (booth #W3111-312) will see next-generation In-Vehicle Infotainment services powered by ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) running on the TomTom Digital Cockpit. This CES demonstration of the Twine4Car IVI automotive infotainment (IVI) platform and its car-centric app store is the result of a multi-year collaboration between ACCES and TomTom to provide advanced fully OEM-branded in-car infotainment experience that delight and inform drivers and car users, and enable automotive OEMs to provide fresh, modern in-car experiences.

Discussing ACCESS and TomTom working together, ACCESS Europe’s CEO, Aono Masahiro, said: “The collaboration with TomTom seamlessly integrates our Twine4Car platform and content offerings within TomTom Digital Cockpit Framework. This integration empowers automotive OEMs to provide their customers with the highest-quality entertainment services and car-centric applications. This includes a comprehensive range of global and local entertainment content, Games as well as apps and services for navigation, parking, charging, road toll payment, and various other POI functions.”

At CES 2024 we are demonstrating:

  • Twine4Car White-labelled Automotive Appstore integrated into TomTom Digital Framework offering a myriad of audio, video, social, utility, communication and POI apps/services designed and adapted for in-car usage.
  • The Twine4Car Appstore’s Games Center presenting top Casual, Hyper Casual, AAA+ Games curated for in-car usage.
  • Monetization use-cases which show in-car payments to buy/subscribe Games are also demonstrated.

“The car is a very specific environment, in which it’s critical that drivers and passengers are safe, comfortable and enjoy every journey,” said Paul Hesen, VP Automotive Product Management, TomTom. “Our collaboration with ACCESS ensures that the TomTom Digital Cockpit delivers amazing IVI experiences, while strengthening the OEMs brand and relationships with drivers and passengers. Together ACCESS and TomTom remove the pain of automotive OEMs having to source sub-systems and apps from potentially hundreds of vendors.”

TomTom Digital Cockpit is the world’s first open digital cockpit software platform designed for carmakers. It integrates users’ digital lives and car functions into the in-dash experience. The platform unifies passenger and driver displays, providing access to climate control, audio system, vehicle systems settings, and the latest apps and services, operated through voice and touch.

By default it integrates with TomTom’s Maps, Navigation for Automotive and Electric Vehicle technology suite. The platform is delivered with a fully functioning user experience and provides a framework for efficient collaboration, continuous integration, and incremental improvement. It is supported by a growing community of global and local partners and app developers.

Twine4Car enables automotive OEMs and Tier1s to provide flexible entertainment services including video, audio and games on the car head unit, RSE and BYOD. Twine4Car is a flexible In-Vehicle-Infotainment solution that will work in combination with multiple in-car OS’ including Android, Linux and QNX-based systems. Twine4Car spans the gap between the automotive and the content industries through an extensive global content portfolio that provides awesome user experiences for drivers and passengers. At the heart of the Twine4Car philosophy is the goal of providing automotive OEMs with the simplest and most flexible route to providing IVI experiences that delight and inform car users and at the same time builds stronger and deeper relationships with car users.

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