Cloud-based text delivery system
that can easily manage and deliver
PDF, Office and other files.

Even PDFs of 1,000 or more pages can be smoothly displayed,
high-speed cross-searches are possible, and characters are
clearly displayed even when text is enlarged.
PUBLUS Lite provides the usability necessary
for educational eBooks.

PUBLUS Lite is a cloud-based electronic text delivery system that can easily deliver electronic texts such as PDFs and Office files.
Utilizing “PUBLUS,” our eBook store solution, used by more than 220 eBook services, as well as our knowledge and leading technology with a proven track record in the field of digital textbooks, we provide an optimized educational eBooks solution to meet the needs of higher education, schools for business people, and specialist publishers.

3 Key Features

Can’t quickly open and read PDF files with many pages? Does searching take too long?
“PUBLUS Lite,” based on our knowledge accumulated from the development of eBooks and digital text books, easily resolves these problems.

01 Even PDFs with many pages are displayed quickly

  • Even 1,000-page PDFs are displayed instantly
  • Thumbnails are displayed very quickly

02 High-speed cross-searches of character information are possible

  • Searches inside books, cross-searches are fast
  • Dictionary searches can be performed from text information


03 Characters are displayed clearly even when text is enlarged

  • Enlarged text displays clearly as PDF files are not converted into images
  • Smooth screen display enhances the immersive experience of electronic texts

Text is enlarged

Use Cases


  • eBook services for specialized books
  • eBook service sold bundled with books
  • Electronic delivery of magazines and free newspapers

Educational institutions, schools, and correspondence education providers

  • Use electronic texts for classes in higher education (High schools, vocational schools, and universities)
  • Use electronic texts for schools for working adults and correspondence courses
  • Use electronic texts in combination with reference books and workbooks provided by specialized schools

Member-based organizations

  • Distribute scientific books and research papers to members of medical institutions as electronic texts
  • Distribute statute collections and case histories to members of legal institutions as electronic texts
  • Distribute organization letterzines and standards to members as electronic texts


  • Use electronic texts to realize paperless offices

2 Products

PUBLUS Lite is actually two products, a Native App version that can be used to read content while offline, and a Browser version which must be online in order to read content.
The cloud environment and management screen are the same for both versions. Select the optimal product based on your planned usage.

PUBLUS Lite for Apps (Native App Version)

To use eBooks while offline, this is the product to use.

Main Specifications
Supported Functions
Platforms iOS/Android/Windows/Mac *1
Content Formats PDF, MP4, JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML, DOC, PPT, XLS
*The EPUB format is not supported
Video/Audio Supports use of video and audio, and external links *2
DRM/Social DRM All content is protected using DRM
Content Obtainment Method Supports download
Usability Supports horizontal flicking
Text Searches Searching inside books and bookshelves is possible
Dictionary Functions Specified strings can be searched for in the dictionary (Charged) *3
Interactive Functions Some use of interactive PDFs is possible (Charged) *3
  • *1 The latest versions of OSs and one preceding version are supported.
  • *2 Supports MP4 files and can support multi-media through use of links.
  • *3 A charged optional service.

PUBLUS Lite for Browser (Browser Version)

Content can be viewed in “Streaming” mode. EPUB can also be used.

Main Specifications
Supported Functions
Platforms Multi-platform
For details, refer to “Supported OSs and Browsers” below
Content Formats EPUB *4, PDF, MP4, JPG, GIF, PNG
Video/Audio Supports video and audio data and external links *5
DRM/Social DRM Scramble processing
Content Obtainment Method Supports streaming
Usability Supports horizontal flicking
Text Searches Searching inside books is possible *6
Dictionary Functions Unavailable
Interactive Functions Unavailable
  • *4 Official support for EPUB is planned for spring 2019, for the browser version only.
  • *5 Support for MP4 files and support of multimedia using links is possible.
  • *6 Book search but not horizontal search is supported.
Supported OSs and Browsers

The latest version of each OS, and one preceding version, and the latest versions of the browsers below are supported.

OS Supported Browsers
iOS Safari *7
Android Chrome *7
Mac Safari, hrome
Windows Edge, Chrome, IE 11 (Until Microsoft's support ends)
  • *7 Official support planned for around spring 2019.

The above supported browsers were current as at July 1, 2018.


Management Screen

Main functions of the management screen (both app and browser versions)

Supported Functions
Platforms OS: Windows and Mac
Browser: Latest Chrome browser
Bookshelf Settings Support setting multiple bookshelves within the same app
User Registration Support batching register users using CSV, etc.
Notification Function Support sending notifications to the bookshelf app

Operating Environment

The following operating environments are recommended.

OS Operating environment
iOS iPhone: iPhone 6 or later
iPad: iPad Air or later
Android CPU: Equivalent to Snapdragon 808 or later
Memory: 2 GB or more
Mac Equivalent to Intel Core i5 or later
Memory: 4 GB or more
Windows Equivalent to Intel Core i5 or later
Memory: 4 GB or more

The above operating environments requirements are as of July 1, 2018.